EZ Hitch

The Leader in Adjustable Ball Mounts, Trailer Hitches and Drop Hitches

These EZ Hitches are another set of revolutionary products from Andersen Hitches. In fact, the convenience offered by drop hitches is taken to a whole new level with our EZ Hitches! Because they feature high-quality construction, each EZ Trailer Hitch has an incredible towing capacity while still being easy to adjust to different heights.

To change the ball height just pull the pin, adjust the height of the ball mount, and slip the pin back into place. That’s it!

Andersen Hitches EZ HD Hitches

Like our original EZ Adjust Hitches, our EZ HD Hitches allow you to easily adjust both ball height and size with just one pin! These heavy duty hitches, however, are specially designed for tough loads up to 16,000 lbs. Each hitch features a heavy-duty rack and a specially-designed combo ball that provide you with unmatched strength and versatility in towing. And adjusting the towing height or switching the combo ball is still incredibly simple: just pull the pins, make the adjustment, and replace the pins. That's it! For added security, you may want to look into our EZ Hitch Locking Pins.

These tough, adjustable drop hitches feature an all steel construction that has been tested independently to meet SAE J684 standards and are made right here in the USA.