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Attach the jack block to the pad and level. It’s that easy.


Eliminate trailer sway and bounce with our weight distribution hitch.

Ultimate 5th wheel connection

A light-weight, strong, and easy 5th wheel towing solution.


Level your RV or trailer on the first try every time.

Rapid Hitch

Crafted for the traveler, hard worker, & outdoorsman

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For over 60 years, our family owned company has operated entirely in the USA. Headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, we have been supplying jobs for over 100 employees.

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The Andersen Hitches we have owned have unsurpassed quality and have provided just what we need. We own four different hitches and will continue buying from their company.

- J Petersen

Andersen Hitches is a company you can trust. They are customer service based and have a product that is absolutely the best of its kind. My brother in law has sold RVs for three decades and always recommends the products to his customers. You can buy these products with confidence.

- Melanie Nelson

I have owned my rapid hitch for many years and have towed many heavy payloads, and with confidence can recommend Andersen Hitches and products to all who are in the market for these products. You will not be disappointed.

- Jeff Taylor