how does a weight distribution hitch work

How does a weight distribution hitch work?

When preparing for a weekend getaway with your trailer, encountering issues like rear-end sagging or loose steering in your tow vehicle can quickly dampen your excitement. However, weight distribution hitches offer a solution to these common towing challenges, providing a safer and more stable towing experience by ensuring proper weight distribution between your tow vehicle […]

Fifth wheel vs gooseneck

Choosing the Right Hitch: Fifth Wheel vs Gooseneck

It is essential to select the appropriate hitch for your towing needs to guarantee safety and efficiency on the road. Two popular options for towing heavy loads are the Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck hitches. Understanding the differences between these two types of hitches is essential for making an informed decision that suits your specific requirements. […]

dropped trucks

Can You Still Tow with Dropped Trucks? How to Choose the Right Hitch

Dropped trucks have become increasingly popular among truck enthusiasts for their sleek appearance and enhanced performance. But as you lower your truck’s suspension or make other modifications, you might wonder: can you still effectively tow with a dropped truck? The answer lies not just in the modifications themselves but also in choosing the right hitch.  […]

types of trailer hitches

The Complete Guide to Types of Trailer Hitches

Trailer hitches play a crucial role in enabling vehicles to tow various loads, from trailers and campers to boats and livestock. Understanding the different types of trailer hitches is essential for safe and efficient towing.  In this guide, we will explore various options to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs. […]