How does a weight distribution hitch work?

When preparing for a weekend getaway with your trailer, encountering issues like rear-end sagging or loose steering in your tow vehicle can quickly dampen your excitement. However, weight distribution hitches offer a solution to these common towing challenges, providing a safer and more stable towing experience by ensuring proper weight distribution between your tow vehicle and trailer.

What is a Weight Distribution Hitch?

A weight distribution hitch evenly distributes weight between your tow vehicle and trailer axles. This balance is crucial for maintaining stability and control while towing, particularly with heavier loads.

How Does a Weight Distribution Hitch Work?

Weight distribution hitches operate by utilizing various mechanisms to redistribute the weight of the trailer tongue to the front axle of the tow vehicle. This helps alleviate rear-end sagging and improves steering control, enhancing the overall towing experience.

The Andersen Difference: Motion-Dampening Chains and Sway-Control Ball Housing

Andersen weight distribution hitches stand out for their unique design, which utilizes interconnected motion-dampening chains and a sway-control ball housing system. Unlike traditional torsion bar systems, Andersen hitches offer a simpler and more efficient approach to weight distribution and sway control.

The Dangers of Trailer Sway and Overly Complex Weight Distribution Systems

Trailer sway, often caused by factors like wind gusts, passing vehicles, or improper weight distribution, can pose significant safety risks on the road. Swaying trailers can lead to loss of control, jackknifing, or even rollover accidents, especially in extreme conditions.

While weight distribution hitches are designed to mitigate trailer sway, overly complex systems with multiple components can sometimes exacerbate the problem rather than solve it. Complicated setups may increase the likelihood of improper installation or adjustment, resulting in ineffective weight distribution and sway control.

Benefits of Using an Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch

Incorporating an Andersen weight distribution hitch into your towing setup offers numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced Stability: The interconnected motion-dampening chains and sway-control ball housing system help minimize trailer sway and improve stability during towing, especially in windy or challenging road conditions.
  • Simplified Setup: Andersen hitches eliminate the need for torsion bars, making the setup process quicker and easier for users.
  • Improved Towing Experience: By ensuring proper weight distribution and sway control, Andersen hitches enhance the overall safety and comfort of towing, allowing you to enjoy your journey with peace of mind.


Investing in an Andersen weight distribution hitch can significantly enhance your towing experience by providing superior stability, control, and ease of use. Whether you are towing a heavy load or going on a leisurely trip, an Andersen hitch provides a dependable solution for ensuring a smooth and pleasurable journey while minimizing the risks associated with trailer sway and overly complex weight distribution systems.