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3364 - EZ Adjust / EZ HD / WD Hitch Non-Locking Adjustment Rack Pin

Price: $6.99 plus shipping

Non-locking adjustment pin for all Andersen EZ Adjust, EZ HD and WD Hitches*

Includes 1 adjustment pin and 1 clip.

  • Fits the adjustment rack on all EZ Adjust Hitches, EZ HD Hitches and WD Hitches*
  • Attaches Andersen Combo Balls to the appropriate EZ Adjust, EZ HD, or WD adjustment rack
  • Measures 2-15/16" x 3/4"
  • Made of hardened steel
  • Made in the USA


*NOTE: Do NOT use this pin to attach the WD ball housing to the rack (only use the bolts and nuts provided in the WD kit).


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