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Testimonials - WD Hitch


Hello good people at Andersen Hitch......get this....
Without giving away too many details, lets just say that we were sold a big, noisy, overgunned hitch by our RV dealer for WD and anti sway for our coach.  Never did care for it.  After talking to you guys directly, I ordered up the No Sway Hitch.
What a great product.  The design is solid, the hitch is noiseless, and it took 20 minutes to install with my Mother-In-Law 'supervising".  In all seriousness, your product does what it says.....its quiet, provides excellent weight distribution and excellent anti-sway. 

I took my old $700 hitch that weighs 3 times the No Sway hitch to the pawn shop and got $50 for it.....good riddance - I was smiling all the way back home because there is nothing more satisfying than having EXACTLY what you need.  Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Dr. Jon

Hi, Richard's boat and RV, in Lancaster, CA, who sold me the Lance trailer also sold me the Andersen WD Hitch. I checked the web site to see how the Andersen hitch worked. I thought it would be easier to use than my old hitch that was very heavy and greasy. I had no problems with the hitch. I unhitched several times, and I had no problems re-hitching. The trailer followed well, and I didn't get all the noise I used to get with my old load levers and anti sway bar. So, if a person is tired of the heavy hitch, grease mess, and clanking sounds, or just want a better tow experience, try the Andersen WD Hitch.

Thanks, Joe R

...I am 72 years old and had  lower back problems for some years.    Nothing terribly serious but lower back pain.    About 4 years ago, I set the weight distributing bars on my old Reese hitch and "threw my back out" seriously.   The bottom line was back surgery.    I can't say it was the Reese hitch arrangement alone that caused the problem but it certainly did bring it to a head.    Even though the surgery was largely successful, it left my back in a bit of a compromised situation.    I used the Reese hitch after the surgery and noticed strain setting the weight distributing bars.   I worried about a re-injury.    
A young friend of mine whose intelligence and integrity I admire had your hitch and urged me to consider it.    After some research, I bought your hitch from Guaranty RV in Junction City, Oregon.    The folks at Guaranty RV are good representatives for your hitch.    They knew quite a bit about it and gave me a catalog of your accessories.    The Guaranty folks insisted on carrying out the box containing your hitch even though I was going to do it myself.   They knew quite a bit about your hitch and favored it personally, over the old fashioned weight distributing hitches.   

I installed the hitch pretty much my self and set it up incorrectly initially because the ground where I made the initial measurements was a lot further out of level than I thought or could see.    That necessitated the re-adjustment after 260 miles (130 miles from Eugene, OR to Bend, OR and 130 miles from Bend, OR to Burns, OR to "Fast Eddie's Truck Stop" which has a large, fairly level parking lot).   I had anticipated the possible need and had all my tools with me.   
What struck me almost immediately was how it was significantly faster to hook up and unhook using your hitch as to using my old Reese hitch arrangement.    It is also cleaner with no grease to mess with.   What is even more important to me is that there is no strain on my lower  back using your hitch.   Instead of using a specially made longer "cheater" to set the weight distributing bars on the Reese hitch, lifting up on the cheater and straining my back, I now use a ratchet to make a few turns on the nuts putting tension on the red nylon bushing.    My young friend suggested using a setting compressing the red nylon bushing to 3 inches on each side, as that worked for him.    It also works for me and I now set the bushings to exactly 3 inches of compression each.   It could not be easier and no back strain whatsoever.    It is a great hitch and a great improvement over my old arrangement.    Want to buy a used Reese weight distributing hitch?   

Owen M


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