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Andersen 'No-Sway' Weight Distribution Hitch


The ground-breaking Andersen "No-Sway" "No-Bounce" Weight Distribution Hitch



 Live from SEMA – Kent from MrTruck.com highlights the Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch.
 Ryan from Andersen Hitches explains in detail how the unit distributes weight and performs sway control.


Andersen WD Hitch      Andersen WD Hitch on frame 

  Simple to install. Self-adjusting sway control!                  Attached to Trailer Frame                                       



After 2-years of development and road-testing, Andersen Hitches releases their new Anti-Sway, Anti-Bounce Weight Distribution Hitch. Instead of just improving on current models, Andersen completely redesigned Weight Distribution...leaving the competition in the dust.
The Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch available with 4" or 8" drop/rise doesn't just raise the bar, it sets it --changing the industry forever! Combining modern materials, technology and innovation, it's the simplest, quietest, and most advanced weight distribution hitch on the road today. This is a first in the industry giving trailer owners the best anti-sway AND anti-bounce with the only true Motion-Dampening™ system around. People are shocked at how smooth and quiet the ride is compared to anything else out on the market today!
Weighing in under 60 lbs, this good-looking but tough work horse is rated up 14,000 lbs GTWR (1400 lbs tongue) to handle your heavy-duty trailer needs. It also doubles as a standard ball mount if you have the need to tow without any weight distribution. 
Backed by a lifetime warranty, it's the only choice for total anti-sway, anti-bounce weight distribution!


Look at all of these advantages

  • Unparalleled Sway Control that self-adjusts according to load
  • So quiet you won't even know it's there!
  • Drastically reduces BOUNCE using our patented Motion-Dampening™ system!
  • 2" or 2-5/16" ball included –no extras to buy
  • Fits all standard 2" receivers.
  • One-pin removal from tow vehicle
  • Grease-free system –ball and coupler move as one
  • Easy install –no spring bars needed!
  • Available for 3", 4", 4-3/8, 5", 6"and 8" trailer frames
  • 4" or 8" drop/rise adjustable shank available
  • Doubles as standard ball mount for towing without weight distribution
  • The smoothest ride around - owners are saying they can't believe it!
  • No problem backing up –unlike many other weight distribution hitches
  • Weighs under 60lbs! 
  • Lifetime Warranty (limited)
  • 14,000 lbs GTWR 2-5/16" ball, 10,000 lbs GTWR 2" ball when using 2" rack • 1,400 lbs tongue weight
  • 16,000 lbs GTWR 2-5/16" ball, 10,000 lbs GTWR 2" ball when using 2-1/2" rack • 1,600 lbs tongue weight


NOTE: Currently the Atwood 88007, 88010, 88555 and 88600 couplers are not compatible with the Andersen WD Hitch (all other Atwood couplers are fine).