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4" Rapid Hitch

Adjustable Trailer Drop Hitch Ball Mount With 4 Inch Rise/Drop


Our 4" Rapid Hitches are top-quality drop hitch ball mounts, and we offer a variety of styles that fit either a standard 2 inch receiver or a 2-1/2 inch receiver. This short version of our Original Rapid Hitch features a 4” drop/rise, and works best for most light trucks, 1/2 ton trucks, and SUVs. Each Rapid Hitch is made of polished aluminum that will never chip, peel, or rust, so they look as good as they tow. Choose the Rapid Hitch that has the hitch ball size you need, and then check out one of the many Rapid Hitch Ball Combinations that we carry to fit any additional tow vehicles you have.

Once you try one of Andersen Hitches’ adjustable ball mounts, you'll never go back!


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