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The Full Bed Support System is a set of brackets meant to accompany the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection - Gooseneck version (3220) and the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection - Toolbox Model (3220-TBX) when installed on 2015-2019 models of GMC and Chevy Trucks with NO OEM. Will not work on 2020 models and other models with OEM. 

The brackets help prevent warping that may result from torque forces, and fastens to the frame beneath the rearward bed saver rail. 

This is recommended with 2015-2019 models of GMC and Chevy Trucks with NO OEM. 

The Full Bed support System includes:

  • 2 Brackets
  • 2 U-Bolts
  • 2 Flange Nuts

See Installation Manual


Andersen Hitches is proud to offer the future of 5th wheel trailer hitches. The Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is the lightest and most affordable way to connect your 5th wheel trailer to your short bed or long bed truck. In fact, it is the best fifth wheel hitch on the market.

Strong, robust and simple, our rail mount design and our gooseneck design give you an incredibly smooth and quiet ride unrivaled by any other fifth wheel hitch on the market today. 

The ball of the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection rides inside a greaseless coupler. That means that unlike other fifth wheel trailer hitches for short bed trucks, the Ultimate Connection eliminates dirty hands and mess! And because the coupler rides on a ball, it has more swivel in every direction than all other 5th wheel hitches available. This also gives you the ability to couple or uncouple your trailer on uneven terrain.

By providing a remote cable attached to the coupler we have eliminated the need to climb into the back of your truck to disconnect the hitch from your 5th wheel trailer. With nearly 3" of adjustable height, the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is setting a new bar in the industry. That is what makes the Ultimate the best fifth wheel hitch on the market.


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