Weight Distribution Hitch

What a great product.  The design is solid, the hitch is noiseless, and it took 20 minutes to install with my Mother-In-Law 'supervising".  In all seriousness, your product does what it says.....its quiet, provides excellent weight distribution and excellent anti-sway. 

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Dr. Jon

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Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

"Very easy installation of both truck and trailer equipment. Connecting to the trailer could not be easier, I can see everything in the rear view mirror and line up without a problem. The ability to disconnect and connect on off camber conditions is a real + for me. 

Basically this hitch lives up to every bit of information I found in my research. I am very pleased with my purchase... Well done Andersen Hitches, thank you for building the perfect product for my specific needs."

Dean G, Idaho

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Camper Levelers

Perfectly level on first try.

We bought them right before our very first camping trip in our very first camper. We leveled our trailer the very first try. They came so highly recommended and we definitely see why. I won’t level my camper without them.

Brandi O.

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EZ Block

These are great! I was going to make my own blocks out of wood. When I made a prototype, it weighed about 10 lbs. To get the same amount of lift, I would need 8 blocks for about 80 lbs.! I now carry less weight and are stackable for storage.

Thanks, Andersen. 

Peter D.

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Trailer Jack Block

My husband says it's AWESOME and saves his back and knees.


Rosalia W.

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Rapid Hitch

I have owned my rapid hitch for many years and have towed many heavy payloads, and with confidence can recommend Andersen Hitches and products to all who are in the market for these products.

You will not be disappointed.

Jeff Taylor

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