Ranch Hitch Adapter

The Best Gooseneck Trailer Hitch

Gooseneck Offset Adapter

If you want to pull a 5th wheel trailer but don't want to lose your truck bed to a bulky 5th wheel hitch, we have the solution for you! You can use any standard gooseneck hitch in your truck bed with our Ranch Hitch Adapter attached to the trailer. 

The Ranch Hitch Adapter is the only 5th-wheel-to-gooseneck adapter on the market that meets V19 Certification. V19 is the strongest safety certification available for gooseneck connections. The Ranch Hitch Adapter can pull a trailer weighing up to 24,000 lbs with 6,000 lbs tongue weight.

Not only is it strong, it is also very easy to use. Most gooseneck receivers require you to get into the bed of your truck to latch the coupler; not so with the Ranch Hitch Adapter. The remote cable mechanism allows you to engage and release the coupler while standing on the ground outside your pickup. The bell shaped receiver allows for the hitch ball and adapter to be as much as 3" off center, and still slide into place correctly. With 3" of vertical adjustment you can be sure your trailer matches up level with your truck.

We now offer the adapter with an 8" offset for use with shortbed trucks. The extra 8" gives you more room between the overhang of your trailer and the cab of your truck allowing you to turn more easily. The offset version includes all the same benefits of the straight version and is also rated for 24,000 lbs and 6,000 lbs tongue weight. Our Ranch Hitch Adapter is quick and easy to install. (For full instructions, click on the installation manual below.) Installation of the Ranch Hitch Adapter takes roughly an hour to complete.

Features Include:

  • Fits standard 2-5/16" gooseneck ball hitch.
  • 24,000 lb. trailer GVWR and 6,000 lb. tongue weight.
  • 3" vertical adjustment from 11-3/4" to 14-3/4".
  • Kit includes all hardware for attachment to 5th wheel trailer.
  • Easy installation, even an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer can install it in less than an hour.
  • Only adapter with remote coupler release.
  • Only adapter that meets V19 standards

Is the Ranch Hitch Adapter right for you?

To see if the adapter will fit your 5th wheel, do the following:

  • Back your truck into position as if you were hooking up your 5th wheel.
  • Measure from the "pin plate" (the bottom of the pin box) down to the top of the ball in the bed of your truck.

The Ranch Hitch Adapter features 3" of adjustment, so if that measurement is between 11-3/4" and 14-3/4", the adapter should work. However, you should also have 5" or 6" of clearance between the overhang of the trailer and the sideboards of your truck, keeping in mind that your 5th wheel should be level for traveling. If you have any questions, please contact us.