4 Things you can do while Social Distancing:

by Andersen Shopify April 14, 2020

4 Things you can do while Social Distancing:

Breaking News: Nature’s not closed!

We understand how difficult the times we are living in currently are.

We thought we would share with you some of the ideas and activities that have helped us in our free time! 


Good news! Recreational activities like fishing and hunting are still allowed, as long as some precautions are taken.

Thankfully for fishing enthusiasts, the rules regarding the current situation do not hinder this activity on a large scale. That’s why going out on your own or with someone in your same household, to enjoy some recreational fishing along the shore, on your boat, etc. is greatly recommended to spend the time enjoying an activity you like while being in contact with nature and all these while still following the rules!

Most fishing fanatics like having their own space to begin with! 


Just like it was the case with fishing, hiking is highly recommended to get out, disconnect from the world for a bit and connect with yourself and nature.

You may be thinking “How do I go hiking when my favorite trail is closed?”,well, you can make an adventure from a simple walk in your backyard, a nearby forest, hill, or simply the roads close to your home! 

We understand how hard and challenging these times are and just like we need to care for our physical health, we need to think of our mental health and going out, staying active and spending some time outdoors can help you feel 10 times better, even when it’s just a little trip to your backyard


If, fortunately, camping is still available in your state, just make sure to prepare by checking restrictions, travel routes, collecting sufficient resources and making sure you can stay put for the time you planned for at your camping spot and you can clean up and leave no trace after leaving. 

If camping is not a possibility for you at the moment, camping in your backyard is not a bad idea at all! Even making a fort in the living room sounds like a great time!
Just remember to be safe and have fun!

Sharpen your cooking skills 

What a better time to try that recipe you’ve been too busy to make but have been thinking about for a while!

Time to look for that old recipe book you have laying around somewhere.
You don’t have the ingredients you want for a specific recipe? We recommend using Supercook: https://www.supercook.com/#/recipes
Just select the ingredients you already have in your kitchen and it will give you recipes you can try with what you already have! 



We hope these recommendations are helpful and give you some ideas to spend the time during these difficult times.

As a reminder, we have attached some recommendations for the ideas shown above.

The main recommendations -apart from the known mask usage, 6ft apart rules, etc- for these activities include:

  1. Go by yourself or with people you already live with.
  2. Minimizing travel distance from home, during travel, to destination.
  3. Make sure your destination is open or accessible before leaving. 
  4. Bring all necessary supplies to avoid visiting stores. 
  5. Make sure to pack out trash and leave a clean space wherever you go. 

Keep in mind the current situation we’re living through changes daily, so make sure to keep informed while planning for any of these activities, specially if they involve going out.

Stay safe and healthy and make sure to share with us how you’re spending your time, ideas and recommendations with the hashtags #SocialDistancing and #AndersenHitches


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