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3247 - Rota-Flex "Lockout" Kit

Price: $39.99


Our Rota-Flex Lockout Kit is required when using an Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection with any Rota-Flex pin box to prevent damage to the hitch and/or tow vehicle. It also keeps the rubber pad in your Rota-Flex pin box from shifting over time. This kit is designed to fit most Rota-Flex pin boxes, but there are a few newer models that need longer steel bars. For those customers who need an extended kit, see our Extended Rota-Flex lockout kit (part #3247-XTD).

Lockout Kit consists of:

  • 2 Steel Bars
  • 2 Threaded Bolts
  • 2 Lock Nuts


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  Dimensions for part 3247 & 3247-XTD (click icon to view, right-click icon and choose "Download Linked File As..." to download)

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