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3221-TBX - 'Lowered' Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection 2 –Toolbox version

3221-tbx-ultimate-connection 3221-tbx-Ultimate-5th-Wheel-Connection-base
Price: $989.99

NOTE: This unit is 4" lower than the standard Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection Toolbox Version (part # 3220-TBX) and is mainly intended to be used with flatbed trucks that have a RECESSED gooseneck ball AND a large fuel tank or toolbox in the bed. If you have a large fuel tank or toolbox but your gooseneck ball is not recessed, please see part #3220-TBX. Using a 3221 or 3221-TBX base in a truck bed that has sidewalls may cause damage to the truck or hitch! Please call us if you have any questions.

'Lowered' 5th Wheel Hitch for Flatbed Trucks with Large Fuel Tanks or Toolboxes

Andersen Hitches revolutionized the 5th wheel towing industry with our popular Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection, and it is now stronger than ever and comes with a patented ball-funnel to make hook up even easier! This "lowered" version is specially designed for use in flatbed trucks with recessed balls and has an offset base that allows it to to be installed next to a large fuel tank or toolbox.

The Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection 2 is the lightest, strongest, most innovative 5th wheel hitch in the world! The base weighs in at a mere 35 lbs, so we have completely eliminated the common struggle of getting your 5th wheel hitch into the bed of your truck. In fact, the base of this unit can be completely installed or removed in less than a minute. Andersen Hitches has truly found the solution to making life simple!

Designed to work in short bed, standard bed, and long bed trucks, the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection gives you an incredibly smooth and quiet ride that is unrivalled by any other 5th wheel hitch on the market today. 

The ball of the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection has nearly 3" of adjustable height and rides inside a greaseless coupler -that means no more dirty hands and no more mess!  And since the coupler rides on a ball, it has more swivel in every direction than any other 5th wheel hitch available. This also gives you the ability to couple or uncouple your trailer on uneven terrain. Now that’s convenience! 

Strong, robust and simple, the Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection series is the lightest, strongest, most innovative 5th wheel hitch series in the world – and all at a price that won’t make you cringe.  

Look at these advantages:

  • Specially made for flatbed trucks that have a RECESSED gooseneck ball AND a large fuel tank or toolbox
  • Keeps your 5th Wheel warranty intact! Comes with a $5 million supplemental warranty
  • Features specially designed ball-funnel for easy hookup — even 3" off ball center!
  • Works with all brands of gooseneck hitches
  • Base weighs only 35lbs!
  • Base can be removed or installed in less than a minute!
  • Complete installation in less than 5 minutes!
  • Can easily be installed or removed by just one person!
  • Features a patented remote latch/unlatch cable
  • Rated at 24,000 lbs GTWR and 4,500 lbs tongue weight
  • The smoothest ride around —  owners are saying they can't believe there's no bucking and no chatter compared to other products on the market
  • Three height adjustments (measured from bed of truck to top of ball mount): 12-3/8" lower position, 13-7/16" middle position and 14-5/8" upper position

IMPORTANT: If you are using an Andersen Ultimate Connection with a Rota-Flex Pinbox, we REQUIRE you to use a Rota-Flex Lockout Kit to prevent damage to the hitch and/or tow vehicle. It also keeps the rubber pad in your Rota-Flex pin box from shifting over time.

If you need to change the height of your gooseneck ball, you may need a coupler tube to extend the connection of the Ultimate Connection so it can attach to the gooseneck ball. Refer to the Coupler Tube Chart to find the right size Coupler Tube. 

Manuals and Other Documentation


Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection Installation Manual (Gooseneck Mount)

See Dimensions


Click below links to view file, right-click link and choose "Download Linked File As..." to download 


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  $5 Million Warranty - 5th Wheel Rails $5 Million supplemental warranty.


Fifth Wheel Hitches for Short Bed Trucks  OFFICIAL SHORTBED TRUCK INFO RELEASE - Regarding the Ultimate Connection and Shortbed Trucks

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