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3215 - Ultimate Connection Safety Chains with Rail Tabs

Price: $139.99

Our Ultimate Connection Safety Chains are built tough! They have been road-tested and meet all current requirements for safety chains. This product comes with everything you'll need to install the chains with your Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection (Rail version).

This kit includes a specially designed set of Rail Tabs to simplify the installation of your Andersen Ultimate Connection Safety Chains. The Rail Tabs should be installed into the extra tab positions on your industry standard rail that is located closer to your tailgate. The safety chains can be connected to the Rail Tabs using either the chain hooks or the threaded chain link included in the kit.


NOTE: The extended bolts and threaded eyelets in this kit replace the kingpin coupler bolts that ship with the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection (Rail version).


Ultimate Connection Safety Chains Installation Manual

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