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Testimonials - Ultimate Connection


We purchased an Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection (Gooseneck Mount) from Tweetys of Texas.
I used a B&W hitch, a Pop Up RV 5 gooseneck adapter prior to this.
I recently towed my 37 ft Montana Fifth Wheel from Illinois to Alabama using the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection. After towing with this, I firmly believe that the Ultimate is the right word for this hitch.
It virtually eliminates the chucking and bucking compared to the B&W and Pop Up hitches.
I also like the ease of installing and removing from the truck bed, the greaseless coupler and remote cable latch.
You have an excellent product that I would definitely purchase again.

Curt S, Illinois

"WOW" what a great product. Leave it to Andersen Manufacturing to come up with such a great idea for a fifth wheel hitch. Works great and with Andersen's reputation for quality this was a easy decision to buy. Thanks.

Rod W, Idaho

Recently I purchased a 2006 Ram 3500 with a Gooseneck hitch in the bed. I have spent the last few weeks researching my options and decided the Ultimate 5th wheel Connection is the way to go for me. The combination of many desirable atributes sold me on your product. I purchased, installed and tested the hitch today. Below are atributes that led me to this purchase as well as my opioion about the product. -The fact that it works with my non removable gooseneck hitch. -Does not require additional mounting paltes to be installed in the bed of the truck. -The cost of this hitch verses a new taditional 5th wheel hitch is very appealing. -extreamly manageable size and weight yet having a high load capacity. -Very easy installation of both truck and trailer equipment. -Connecting to the trailer could not be easier, I can see everything in the rear view mirror and line up without a problem. -The ability to disconnect and connect on off camber conditions is a real + for me. Im not a developed campground kind of guy. I prefer to hit the primitive areas and be down on the beach where level spots are hard to come by. -When I took my 27ft trailer for a spin, the first thing I noticed was the absense of noise. I sure wont miss all the clunking and bucking I had with my taditional 5th wheel hitch. Basically this hitch lives up to every bit of information I found in my research. I am very pleased with my purchase... Well done Andersen Hitches, thank you for building the perfect product for my specific needs.

Dean G, Idaho

I really like the Ultimate 5th wheel connection for the plan and simple fact that i don't have to have a 5th wheel in the back of my truck. The installation is quick and easy. I tell everybody how much i love it.

Phoenix W, Iowa

You guys at Andersen are life savers no doubt...... I have attached my weight tickets on this E-Mail and you can see for yourself why..... 

I own a 2011 Scab 6 1/2 ft bed. 145" wheel base Ford EcoBoost...... I bought a 2011 Rockwood Ultra Lite 8280 with a dry weight 7335lbs.... When loaded it weighs in at 7,920Lbs. When my hitch (Curt E 5) was installed it was placed back of the center 1" making all the pin weight going to the rear axle. I was overloaded by couple hundred and I lost almost 200 off front axle...... Trailer pulled like a TT......

When I told my dealer (Trailers and Hitches Augusta, Ks)......"that is where it has to be by the spec sheet".. And I have to say he was right. He made it right when I told him about the Andersen hitch. He wasn't familiar with it but he traded me straight up. I could buy a slider adding more weight and more trouble ..... I mentioned on several on line forums about getting a hitch that would put more weight on front axle..... Many laughs from those that had no experience. LOL?

Well I am here to tell you in my case your hitch did exactly what I wanted and more. By placing Kingpin Adapter on pin box it gave me an offset of 4" or moved trailer back 4". ?I measured with tailgate down with the Curt E5 set back 1" behind Axle it was 12". I installed the Andersen 3200 Ultimate Rail Mount onto my rails, inverted it for a long bed. Ball now is 2" in front of rear axle. Hooked up my Rockwood ultra lite 8280. To my amazement I still had the 12" clearance from tailgate to camper. Didn't change the position of the camper at all. Can still make short turns without hitting cab..... Since I have bed cover rails inside bed 2" on either side I would have to take them off to see if I can do a full 90. Pretty sure it will but not going to take rails off rails to see. :-(

Pulled it down to the scales and by the way it was nice not to have that slap every time you take off and stop.....  The proof is in the pudding as I would like to say.... 13,520 lbs, (empty on gas and had unloaded things approx 200 lbs difference in first weights with Curt E5 ) my Gross allowable weight  is 14,000 lbs.......... Truck 6,720, My  Gross Allowable weight 7050 lbs..... Front Axle 3,220 lbs, (2,900 lbs with Curt E5) My Gross allowable weight is 3,600 lbs............ Rear Axle 3,500 lbs, (3,720 lbs with Curt E5) My Gross allowable rear axle weight is 3,850 lbs. King pin weight is 1,120........ Max trailer weight I can pull is 8,800 lbs....  A perfect balance! :-) Would have been nice to have had a scale that would weigh just the axles one at a time..... Math might have been better.

This hitch was a breeze to install and once again Thank You Andersen for taking that worry out of my pulling. I know this won't work for everyone but they should take a look before spending thousands of $ ....?My experience is CDL a million miles tractor trailer pulling 54' footers and doubles..... No accidents.....

Roger M

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