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June 22, 2017

FAQ Spotlight: Why Did Andersen Update The Ultimate Connection?


5th wheel hitchThe Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection has always been a best seller. When competitors were selling bulky, expensive 5th Wheel hitches, Andersen released a revolutionary product that was lightweight, low maintenance, and low-priced. So why fix what ain't broke? Well, that's just not the way we do things here. Coursing through our veins is a passion for perfection. And we set our sights on perfecting the Ultimate. Andrew Porter, Vice President, said it best:


“We are constantly coming up with ways to improve our products. The industry is constantly changing, so we adapt and improve our products to be some of the strongest on the market."

Creating the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection 2

Beginning in 2015, our engineers at started to revamp the Original Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection. The new design needed to maintain the best features of the original version while improving the overall structure...and maybe peppering in a few new features here and there.  

By studying the feedback from the thousands of happy owners of the original Ultimate Connection and by dedicating hundreds of hours to testing, our team got to work making the Ultimate even more, well, ultimate!

What’s New?

Strength and Structure

To fit the cross bracing of newer trucks, we offset where the base sits in the truck bed. By opting for 2 triangle plates on the side (rather than a single plate on the front) and widening the stance of the arms, the strength and structure of the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection 2 can handle bigger, heavier loads like never before.

Of course, The Ultimate Connection 2 maintains the same pyramid design and is made from high quality, aircraft-grade aluminium. The strength and structure of this hitch is almost as amazing as it’s weigh-in of only 35 lbs.

The Funnel

The woes of backing up to hook up your 5th wheel are behind you when you’ve got the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection 2. We came up with a new feature that’s an absolute game changer. By adding a 6” wide funnel to the King Pin Block, those of us who aren’t pros at backing up perfectly to a fully-loaded trailer no longer have to stress. The funnel is very forgiving; it does all the hard work by guiding the ball to the hitch and receiving the ball with ease. 

Ease of Use

The Ultimate Connection 2 is the perfect fifth wheel trailer hitch for short bed trucks and long bed trucks. Thanks to its versatile and lightweight design, you can have the hitch unboxed, connected, and be driving away in under 20 minutes. Once you have installed the Ultimate 2, future connections can be made in 45 seconds or less.  

The Ultimate Connection 2 is greaseless. That means no-mess and no maintenance.  And with a remote latch, you don’t need to climb into your truck bed every time you need to latch the coupler. With the press of a button you are ready to go! 


The Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection 2 can be purchased online or from one of our hundreds of dealers across the country. Order yours today by clicking here!

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