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May 15, 2017

FAQ Spotlight: Why Aluminum?


Andersen Hitches Adjustable Aluminum Trailer HitchesOne of the most common questions we get here at Andersen Hitches is why our trailer hitches are made from aluminum instead of steel or some other alloy. Don’t get us wrong -- steel has its advantages and we’ve done our fair share of work with it. But when it came time to build the best, we went with aluminum and here’s why:


When you think of aluminum you might think of that crinkly foil use to wrap tinfoil dinners and leftover pizza in. Put that thought out of your mind because we use the strongest stuff out there: aircraft-grade aluminum. This caliber of aluminum can withstand well over 40,000 lbs of force. In fact, our Ultimate Connection Hitch didn’t buckle until it was under 55,000 lbs! Keep in mind that our fifth wheel hitch is officially rated for 24,000 lbs of TWR. Watch our strength test to see for yourself: 


The recipe for rust is simple: water and air. And here’s the thing: rusty hitches aren’t just ugly. Rust corrodes metals and weakens them. When you are hauling trailers and towing toys, you shouldn’t have to even think about the effects of the snow, rain, dirt, dust, or road salt on your trailer hitch. That’s why aluminum is as durable as it is strong. Unlike steel, aluminum is naturally resistant to rust. No paints or finishes required, it just works like it should and it doesn’t lose any strength. In fact, it doesn’t weaken from extremes in temperatures or UV radiation.


Aluminum weighs 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter. Steel is 7.9 grams per cubic centimeter. That difference adds up whether you are talking about our Rapid Hitch compared to the other guys’ adjustable ball mount hitch, but the difference is huge when comparing 5h wheel hitches. Our Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection hitch weighs just 35 lbs while competitors weight 190+ lbs. 

Why The Other Guys Don’t Use Aluminum

With all the benefits of aluminum, why don’t more companies use it for their trailer hitches? For starters, it costs a bit more than steel. When you are in the business of making money, it is all about the bottom line and cutting corners to make a profit. Here at Andersen Hitches, we don’t want to sell the most trailer hitches. We just want to sell the best trailer hitches. We start with high quality materials -- just like our aluminum -- and we finish them off with cutting-edge design. Contact us with any other questions you have!

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