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February 23, 2017

The lightest, strongest, most innovative 5th wheel hitch in the industry!

Change is inevitable. Change in manufacturing is even more inevitable. When we saw how regularly manufacturers change the design of their RVs and tow vehicles, the need for a universal hitch design became apparent to us. A traditional 5th wheel hitch, however, was so large and cumbersome that most people couldn’t imagine using their truck for anything other than pulling an RV once it was installed. Seeing this industry trend, we decided to develop a hitch that would satisfy as many needs as possible.

Our goal was to create a hitch that would utilize the gooseneck ball in the bed of a pickup and the king pin on the trailer, allowing for an easy install, simple hook up, and convenient use. Additionally, we wanted to make sure it worked on a wide variety of truck and trailer combinations, and make sure that it would be something that a regular person could easily move. After several different designs and rigorous testing, the Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection was born. It is the lightest 24K rated 5th wheel hitch in the industry, weighing only 35lbs!

This hitch is revolutionary. The lightweight pyramid base attaches to the gooseneck ball in under a minute. Then, a simple aluminum adaptor allows the trailer king pin to work with the raised ball on our base without the need for welding or drilling the pin box. Because this creates a direct pulling plane with the king pin, it will not void any warranty, and you can do a 1 “ or a 9” offset with the same hitch (more about that later). The Ultimate can work with nearly any truck and trailer combination, including short bed trucks. Some of the bed lengths we’ve tested this hitch on include 5’ 3” beds, ram boxes, and 8’ beds. You’ll also find that there is no need for a heavy and expensive mechanical slider mechanism either.

But we didn’t stop with there. We also developed a lowered version of our Ultimate hitch that is designed specifically for a flatbed pickup with a recessed ball and a rail mount version — weighing only 40 lbs — that offers great pull and a versatile offset.

The Concept Behind the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

The ingenious design of the Ultimate 5th Wheel connection means that you only need a standard 2-5/16” gooseneck ball for the gooseneck version, or industry standard rails for the rail mount version. The pyramid base easily attaches to the tow vehicle by tightening three bolts or inserting pins for the rail version.

We include a king pin coupler block with the pyramid base that can be easily bolted to the trailer’s king pin to create the desired offset and position the connection point at the top of our pyramid base. The king pin coupler can be mounted with the king pin in front of the ball for a 1” offset — putting the trailer in the forward position — and it will actually pull the back of the pin box away from the side rail in a turn. This is one of the best hitch options for Ram Box beds. With the king pin coupler rotated so the king pin is behind the ball — putting the trailer in rearward position — you have a 9” offset from the gooseneck ball in the bed that works great with 5’ 3” to 8’ bed pickups. You’ll also find that the remote cable latch is positioned in a convenient location for easy access.

The Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is so easy to install, that service techs often find that it takes more effort to get the hitch out of the package than it does to install it.

Regular Use of the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

The first time you connect your trailer to the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection, you’ll need to adjust the height of the ball on the pyramid base to get a level ride on the trailer and appropriate clearance over the bed rails. Use caution to make sure the back of the pin box does not make contact with the tailgate or bed rails when turning. If it looks like it will, the king pin coupler block may need to be rotated to put the trailer in the forward position.

The first few times that you back up and turn, have someone help spot you so that you can get a good feel for how sharp of an angle you can use before the nose cone contacts the cab of the truck. Every gooseneck and fifth wheel has a point an angle at which contact will occur, but that angle is highly dependent on the trailer and truck combination. You’ll find that the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is designed to give you more room than any standard 5th wheel hitch, even in the forward configuration!

The amazing pull you experience with the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is due to the level pulling plane and lack of movement in the system. The base is solidly connected to the truck and the king pin block is solidly connected to the pin box, so the only movement in the system is the slight tolerance at the ball. The ball gives 360 degrees of rotation with a generous tilt at any position, allowing for a smooth pull and easy hitching in all conditions, including unusual angles.

This hitch works flawlessly with almost any pin box, but the Rota-Flex design requires the addition of our lock out kit to work properly. (Part # 3247)


The Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is the most innovative 5th wheel hitch in the towing industry! We have taken the time to design a hitch that eliminates the struggles associated with the cumbersome, old-fashioned 5th wheel hitches. Our hitch can be installed in less than a minute, making hooking up your 5th wheel as stress free as possible! Don’t forget, the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection works in short, standard, and long bed trucks, and provides an extremely smooth and quite ride. We are proud to say that the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is the lightest, strongest, most innovative 5th wheel hitch in the industry!

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